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2017 32 degrees and dropping a melting prairie sun aareschluct aargau abandoned abandoned illinois abstractish accidents in the garden after the rain almost mono alpine angles animal around endingen arrows august sky autumn bald cypress bales barns beaches beginnings and endings benches bird house birds bitter cold black white blooms blue blue and green blue green yellow blue sky bluebells bluegreen blues blur blurry sharp boat bokeh boyd hill braches branches breezy brick brown brush bubbles bud bumble bee bw cabbages cactus cameras canopy canyons car window click car window clicks cassia caught central illinois chairls chairs changing colours changing sesons checked chimney classic cars clouds cloudy clover cold cold wet colour colour of winter colourful bokeh colourful leaves colours country roads countryside courthouse crepe myrtle crisp air crunchy cullasaja gorge curtains curve curves dandelions dapper daybreak december december skies delicate detail details dog days of summer doorway drawing lines drip drive edges egmont key emptiness endingen eucalyptus evergreen evergreens experimental textures experimental works eyes facade faces fall falling falling down falll farmland faucet fbg feet fences ferns fields find the star finding faces firewheels flat water floating flooding florida florida backwoods florida botanical gardens florida greens florida roadside flowers flying fog foggy foggy mornings foggy views foliage forest forgotten places found objects fountain fresh fresh greens from my window frost frosty ft. desoto full moon fun shapes and colours fur furka pass 7992 gandy beach garda or bust gardasee giraffe glass goofy grass grasses greens grasss gray gray days green greens greens blues gruyeres gulf of mexico gulfport habsburg castle hands hapsburg harsh light and shadow hazy hazy blues headscarf heartbeat of the swamp herbst hernando county high key hiking hillsborough river horizon humans being humiston park humiston woods hurt icm ilce6000 illinois in my garden in out of focus industrial zone inky italia italy january june kanton aargau kempton knots ladybug lago di garda lake seminole lake shore last days late light lazy river leaf leafy leaves leftovers letters lettuce lake lettuce lake park light light and shadow light shadow lighthouse lights lily pads line drawings lined up lines lines swirls livingston county lone cow long leaf pine lotus macro madeira beach maegenwil malcesine malibar chestnut mangroves march may mellingen merry pier metal milkweed minimal minimum mixed blues mono moon mountain roads mountain views multiple exposure my peeps naked branches nanthahala gorge natural hearts nature nc new places nikon nikon 1 nikon n1 nondescript days north carolina north shore north shore park northshore beach november ocala national forest october october hikes olive trees opposites attract orange orange carpet oranges orchards overlap painting palm leaves palms park pass a grille passagrille pastel alps pastels patterns peeling paint photographers pilings pines plants plastic pose primary colours prints prints patterns puddles purple queen anne's lace queen of the mountains quiet rain raindrops rainy red red line redington pier reeds reflection reflections regensburg repetition reuss river rhino rigi rigibahn ripples river river's edge riverside roads roadside roadtrippin' with ed roadway rooftops roots roses round route 66 route 66 museum rural rusted salva same swamp different day sandstract sandy toes satellite sawgrass lake scenes from the ditch sea grapes sea sky seagulls selective colour selective colours selective focus september shades of green shadow shadows shape shapes sharp edges shine a little light shingles silhouettes silver sketchy skin skylines slopes small medium large sniff snow snow sleet rain social d soft spongy grass softly stated somewhere in the fricktal sony sony ilce6000 spikey spiral splugenpass splugenpasse spring st petersburg st. pete st. pete grand prix star patterns stop light storm drains storms around stormy stormy blues strong structure stuff in the window succulents suits and tees summer summer days summer fields sunface sunrise sunset surbtal sweet boy swiss swiss alps switzerland symbols tall pines tampa bay teasels texture textured textures the tides i tried to swim against there's a crackhouse everywhere that's how the lights go out three trees thunderheads tidepools tiles trees treetops tres umbrella umbria unterendingen unterwegs val d'orcia vast veins verticals vineyards volley ball nets volleyball volleyball net vw beetles walking the dog walking through walls watching the paint peel water water birds water drops water figures water lettuce waterways weather weather around weathered weathered blues weedon island weedon's weeds weeds weeds of weedon wheat fields white white light whitecaps wildflowers windmills windows windswept windy winter winter barns winter birds winter moods winter rose winter's colours wire woodlands words wuerenlingen yard and garden yellow yellows
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